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This area of the curriculum deals with the handling of human emotions and relationships and with the human body, its development and health, together with the skills of agility, coordination and teamwork. These skills can be acquired through other areas of the curriculum as well but this area addresses them through the teaching of Sport and Physical Education. It makes medical and as well as educational sense to put physical and emotional development together.


We have a specialist member of staff who delivers some of our PE curriculum. Some classes are taught by the class teacher, especially in the younger years. We cover a wide range of sports in lessons, in extra-curricular PE clubs and as part of our inter-school matches and tournaments.

These sports include: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket,  Football, Gymnastics, Dodgeball, Hockey, Netball, Rounders and Gymnastics.

We run extra-curricular clubs in almost all these sports as well and are usually successful in getting fixtures in them against other schools.


We have good facilities for PE including our very large school field, a large hall and 5-a-side pitches on our field / playground. For early years and for use at playtimes and lunch times we have three adventure climbing/play areas that are challenging and help to improve the children’s agility and coordination.


The children in Year 4 go swimming at the regional swimming pool in Scunthorpe.


Looking after your emotional health is just as important as caring for your physical health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their emotions and behaviour. They’re able to handle life’s inevitable challenges, build strong relationships, and lead productive, fulfilling lives. They bounce back when bad things happen and can manage stress without falling apart.