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Literacy Answers

We hope you enjoy starting the Talk for Writing home learning packs. You have been given either 'The truth about trolls' or 'Sidney Spider, the tale about friendship'. Both have lots of fun activities that will allow you to practise the skills we have been working so hard on in class. 


There are no answers to come with this work as there are no 'rights and wrongs'. This is a writing unit which will take a few weeks and which is designed to develop your creativity and writing skills, especially by getting you to think about your vocabulary. Rather than worrying if you have got something 'right', remember how we work in class- imagine you have your green highlighters- which bits are really good that you have written? Is there anything you have written which you might use your purple polishing pen to edit and improve? Think about what we would usually be looking for in our steps to success. You can do this. Enjoy!


Miss Brown

The truth about trolls booklet


Wednesday pg 8-9 


It is all about adjectives. Think about your WOW words. How could you describe the troll. We have done lots of work in Year 3 on descriptive writing. It's time to show what you can do. 


But remember you shouldn't use adjectives that mean the same thing or mean the opposite thing in the same sentence. For example ' the small, big ears' or ' the huge, big nose'. 


There are no right answers in terms of the adjectives you could use. Use your imagination or why not use a thesaurus and improve your vocabulary. 


There are many useful tips and definitions throughout the booklet that we help you along the way. Make sure you take the time to read them. 


Thursday pg 10-11


Adverbs- please find the adverbs map in the Literacy resources if you need some inspiration. 


Remember the adverb rules, when using a fronted adverbial you put a comma after it before you move on with the rest of the sentence. For example; Yesterday, Betsy and I went for a long walk in the woods. 


Please remember to use your capital letters, commas, full stops and best handwriting. This task is focussing on your adverbs. How many have you used?


Friday pg 12-13


Adverbs- please find the adverbs map in the Literacy resources if you need some inspiration.


This task is focused on expressing emotions. If you are using the adverb interestingly, the information that follows needs to be something you as a writer thinks the reader will find interesting. 


Drop in game- You are improving your sentences by giving the reader extra information in a sentence (subordinate clause). For example; One troll, who smelt like rotten onions, lived alone under a old, wooden bridge.


Check does your sentences have a capital letter, a comma before and after your subordinate clause and a full stop. Challenge can you use an exclamation sentence.