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Class Photographs

What could it be?

As part of our 'Beachcombers' topic, children looked at different seaside related artefacts in our history lesson. They looked at the materials and looked to see if it reminded them of anything before making predictions about what it was and what it was used for. There were lots of lovely discussions about each item and it was wonderful to see the children seeing real life artefacts to study. 

Traffic survey

Year 2 have started to look at data handling in maths and as part of our work looking at tally charts, the children created their own by recording different types of traffic that past. The children loved our lesson! 

At the movies!

The children worked so hard during their SATs week that a treat was inevitable. Year 2 loved having popcorn and a drink whilst watching 'Spy in Disguise'. Lots of laughter whilst they watched it laugh

Table Tennis

On Wednesday 24th May, Mollie Patterson who plays table tennis for England came to our school to work with each class. First, she explained how she first felt inspired by the game as well as explaining how her resilience led her to where she is today. Mollie was wonderful with the children and they all thoroughly enjoyed playing against her. 

What time is it?

We have enjoyed learning about time the last week and have loved using practical equipment to help us learn and take part in quizzes. We are telling the time to 'o'clock', 'half past', 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'. Super time telling year 2!

Local Area Walk

The children in Year 2 had a great time exploring the local area after lots of work looking at old maps and photos to see how the local area has changed. Interestingly, we were able to get in touch with Burton Heritage and English Heritage who were able to send us lots of information about the history of the school and how it once sat at the back of the church yard. We set off to find it but sadly could not find the traces that could have possibly been there. We did however learn lots about the houses and how these have changed over time including the 'Old House' that is the oldest in the Parish and was once a shop. 

Holi Festival (R.E)

During our R.E lessons, the children are learning all about 'being thankful' and how different festivals celebrate this. Children learnt that as part of the Holi festival, Hindu's have a festival of colours in which they can be thankful for Spring arriving and start fresh. Year 2 enjoyed searching school to find as many examples of each colour as they could find. 

Sukkot Festival

The Year 2 children loved eating bread and honey as part of their R.E learning. They learnt that during the Jewish festival of 'Sukkot', Jews give thanks for their harvest and enjoy eating bread and honey as part of their feast. 

Archaeologists in the making!

Some of the children in Year 2 spent time carefully digging in the KS1 outdoor area and unearthed some 'interesting' pottery. The children carefully brushed it and washed it before having an interesting debate as to where it came from. We had many predictions including 'Ancient Egyptian' and 'Ancient Greek' pottery. Surprisingly, no one guessed an old Victorian drain which it more likely is wink