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Amy from GetAhead came in today for us to take part in Day One of the Skip4Life challenge. We were all gifted with a skipping rope and took part in lots of different challenges.

We had the priveledge of leading the Easter Service this year. We sang songs, showed our artwork and read our poems. To continue our Easter celebrations, some of us created Easter bonnets and did a parade through school showing them off.

Today, we got a chance to use the new musical instruments. Mrs Marshall taught us all notes and how to play a short tune on the glockenspiels.

What a crazy day! Started with building snowmen and having snowball fights and ends with glorious sunshine and not a snowflake in sight.

We have had the best day celebrating World Book Day.

During our inspire afternoon, we created our own poo. We investigated how the digestive system works and how the body processes food to create waste products. We then linked in literacy and wrote instructions using time adverbials and imperative verbs.

For our last session, in forest school we did a senses hunt and created a mind map with adjectives, adverbs and short expanded noun phrases that we will be using tomorrow when we write a setting description. In maths we used natural resources to work out a fraction of amounts. In the afternoon, we prepared and cooked a savoury and sweet dish using ingredients that is good for the digestive system. We also used natural resources to measure out the length of the intestines. WOW. 7m is long.

It was an incredibly busy day for Year 4, we started off with active maths we created shapes with specific areas. We applied our multiplication knowledge as well as our ability to measure accurately to this activity. We got the opportunity to use secateurs and loppers and showed amazing awareness to our safety rules. This was followed by a problem solving challenge on who could build the tallest tower using sticks. In the afternoon, we made bird feeders using yoghurt pots, seed and lard. This was followed by a tasty treat around the fire, we discussed the caramelisation process of sugar and the how this changed the flavour of the fruits. A delicious ending to the day!

To start the term, we took part in a team building challenge. We had to build a bridge using newspaper and cellotape. We were given 3 specfic design specifications and worked together to design, create and evaluate our bridges. We even completed maths challenge questions in order to earn more tape. :)

During 'Culture' day we created aspiration cards. We shared ideas and word that could be used to describe 2022 and then moved on to 2023. We each chose one word that we hope encapsulates 2023. I am excited to see what 2023 brings.