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Class Photos

Alongside 'Get Ahead' Sports Partnership, the children had the opportunity to use Sphero balls which are controlled using a variety of instructions on an iPad. The coaches as well as myself were very impressed with how well they controlled the balls and followed coaches instructions. 

Snow is falling...

Over the past couple of weeks, the children in year 2 have been focusing on poetry and identifying different features including work on rhyming couplets. As the snow was falling outside, the class worked together to create a collaborative piece in preparation for their independent work. I am sure you will be just as proud as I was for their excellent team work. 


Snowflakes falling from the sky,

Covering everything as they fly.

Sparkling like diamonds in the light,

Turning the world completely white. 


Joyful children playing in the snow,

Leaving footprints as they go.

Sounds of laughter fill the air,

As the soft snow falls on my hair. 


By Year 2

'The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration' - Claude Monet

With music from Paris softly drifting around the classroom, the children felt inspired to follow the work of Claude Monet and complete a piece of his artwork. The children used small brushstrokes often used and were mindful to use similar colours and techniques. 

We will rock you!

The children in Year 2 have really got into the swing of their music lessons this term. With a focus on rock music, the children have appraised the style of music as well as listened to a variety of songs including Queen. Children worked towards learning the lyrics to a song 'I wanna play in a band' and even played a musical instrument alongside. Well done Year 2!