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Literacy resources

This document includes different versions of the same reading comprehension in order to meet the varying needs of all learners. Please try to choose an appropriate level of challenge for your child. For children who require more support within reading, the first version would be the most appropriate, where as the last version would be well suited to children who require a challenge. Have fun learning about the ocean! 

Setting pictures

Miss Snowden's example......

Stars twinkled overhead in the midnight sky.  The only sounds that punctuated the night were the crackling and spitting of the flames in the campfire.  A gentle, cool breeze drifted across the forest landscape, kissing the faces of the mesmerized children.  The smell of marshmallows toasting over the flickering fire wound their way up the children’s noses.  Flames stood tall and proud, their sparks illuminating the dark, creating dancing shadows on the children’s eager faces.  All present were completely silent, as still as marble statues.  They sat, watching, waiting, for the tales of old to begin.