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Maths Resources


Listen to the story, 'Day Monkey, Night Monkey' by Julia Donaldson. (See link below)

Then look at the pictures attached below and discuss the things that you do in the day time or the night time. If you are able to print the pictures you can sort them into two groups to show which things you do in the day and which you do at night. If there are things that you don't do at all then leave them out. If you are not able to print the pictures you can talk about them with your grown up and write them down in two lists of 'day' and 'night'.

Day and Night sorting pictures


Today I would like you to think about the order of your school day. Below is a set of picture cards for you to discuss with your grown-up and then sequence to show your day. You might not need all of the picture cards if there are things that you don't do. If you are unable to print the pictures you can make a list showing '1st, 2nd, 3rd,' etc.

My school day sequencing pictures


Listen to the story 'Just a Minute' (See link below)

In this story Grandma keeps saying "Just a minute" but how long is one minute? Today you have a challenge task to see how many things you can do in one minute.

You will need a one minute timer (an egg timer, a kitchen cooker timer or a timer on a smart phone) to carry out your challenges. Here are some suggestions but you can think of some of your own:

How many star jumps in one minute?

How many bricks high can you build a tower?

How many pieces of pasta can you thread on a string?

How many buttons can you fasten and unfasten?

How many times can you write your name?

How many times can you write the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?


Make a list of the things you have tried and your scores. Have fun!


Listen to the story 'Perfect Square' by Michael Hall (see the link below)


Discuss the properties of a square - that it has 4 straight sides which are all the same size and it has 4 corners.

Have a hunt around your home to see how many things you can find that are square shaped. Make a list of your finds.


More square fun! 

Watch the Numberblocks episode 'Square Club' (see link below)

Remind yourself of yesterday's learning, that squares have 4 straight sides that are all the same size and have 4 corners.

Then complete the activity attached below, to find all the squares in the sheet full of shapes.