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Star Pupil Awards

At Burton upon Stather Primary School we value the importance of recognising achievements whether they be in or out of school. Every Friday morning the whole school take part in our Special Mention Assembly which is run by either Mrs Brown, Mrs Eyre or Mrs Buxton.

Every week one pupil per class is awarded our 'Star Pupil' certificate to celebrate their outstanding achievement during the school week.

Mrs Brown also awards her 'Headteacher's Award' to someone who has 'shone' either academically or through setting an outstanding example to others.

Pupils also bring in medals, certificates and trophies from achievements out of school.


This week's Headteacher's Award has been presented to Ty Belton for his determination and effort at table tennis!

This week our Star Pupils are:


Reception - Olivia Gunn for her enthusiasm to learn to write words by herself!

Year 1 - Tyler Heathfield for excellent singing and good behaviour when working on the Christmas play.

Year 2 -  Leah-Rose Bayley for showing great understanding in numeracy.

Year 3 -  Zheng Jie Shi for always working hard and trying his best in everything he does.

Year 4 -   Oliver Frary for not giving up even when he found things tricky!

Year 5 -  Rio Adams for his perseverance in literacy during tests.

Year 6 -   Charlie Clayton for creating a great piece of indigenous artwork.



Well done to every one of you!