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Meet our Board of Governors


My name is Gary Hall and as well as being                 My name is Sarah Brown and as the

the Chair of Governors, I am also a Local                   Headteacher it is my role to feed back  

Authority Governor and I sit on the Curriculum,          to the Board of Governors on all aspects    

Finance and Premises Committees. As an LA            of our educational standards. I sit on all   

Governor I am elected by North Lincs Council.          committees.

I am committed to working with staff, pupils

and parents to make our school the best it

possibly can be. My term of office ends on 26.6.18. 


My name is Derek Stamper and as well as               My name is Gill Carpenter, I am a co-opted

being the Vice Chair of Governors I am also             governor elected by the Board of Governors.

a co-opted governor - this means I am elected         I am also a governor at Bottesford Junior School

by the Board of Governors. I have been self-            and I am looking forward to strengthening our  

 employed for over 34 years and I sit on the            school partnership. I sit on the Curriculum  

My term office finishes on 27.1.19.                          Committee. My term of office finishes on 19.1.19.




My name is Angela Jennison and I                                 My name is Emily Eyre and as well as

attended Burton Stather Primary, as did                         being the Deputyhead I am also the

did my children and now my grandchildren.                   staff representative on the Governing Board.

I have a background in the NHS and I am a                  This means that I was elected by the school.  

co-opted governor, elected by the Board of  I sit on       staff. I sit on the Curriculum Committee. My

Governors. I sit on the Premises Committee. My          term of office finishes on 24.10.20.

term of office finishes on19.1.19.                                


My name is Simon Barnes and I am                   My name is Jason Frary and I am a Parent 

a co-opted governor, elected by the                  Governor, this means I was elected by parents. 

Board of Governors. I am a retired teacher       I have been a governor for many years at

of 33 years as well as the choirmaster and        different school but took up the role in Burton in

organist at St Andrew's Church. I sit on the       June relinquishing my old post. I sit on the 

Curriculum committee and my term of                Premises, Health and Safety and Finance

Office finishes on 11.2.19.                                   committees. My term of office finishes on




My name is Julie Balderson and                My name is Scott Belton and I am a

I am the school's Business Manager.         parent governor. This means that I                    

I am also a co-opted member who             will be the voice of the parents of the

was elected by the Governing Board.        school. I have worked in education for

I sit on the Finance and premises             over 12 years and look forward to                          

committees. My term of office comes        supporting the school and children

to an end on 19.1.19.                                 during my term in office.

We currently have no governor vacancies.


The Role of Our Governors


Our Board of Governors is made up of parents, members of the community and staff. Some governors are elected and other governors are appointed. However, all governors are responsible as a corporate body to all stakeholders: parents, the children, the staff, the community and the Local Authority. Governors are all volunteers and are not paid for their work.


The full Board of Governors meet termly. Some of its responsibilities are delegated to committees which have their own meetings. These sub committees cover Finance, Premises/Health and Safety and Safeguarding, Curriculum and Target Setting and Personnel.


School governors make collective decisions as part of the Board of Governors whose main function is to help raise the educational standards and performance of our school by supporting the work of the headteacher and staff. 


The main roles are:


1 - To set the vision for the school

2 - To hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school

3 - To ensure financial security for the school

None of our Governors have any further registered interests that need to be declared.