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Parish and Village Information

As a school we work very closely with members of our Parish Council as well as local groups. This page will be updated whenever we receive information from the Parish/Local groups which needs to be shared.

Burton in Bloom

Burton in Bloom Competition

Burton in Bloom and the school have joined forces to organise a competition for local children to enter as part of the village celebrations over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June 2018. The competition will be judged in three sections; KS1, Yr3/4 and Yr5/6 and all our children are welcome to enter. The competition is ‘To Design an Animal Using Fruit and Vegetables’. The entries will need to be in school for Friday 22nd June and will be on display in the school hall following judging on Sunday 24th June 2018.

The school will be playing host to the Burton in Bloom committee who will be serving refreshments in the hall throughout the day on Sunday 24th June from 11am. Please call in and join us for a cup of tea as you explore the gardens throughout the village during Sunday.


Burton in Bloom Celebrations – the weekend timetable

This year the weekend will span three days starting with the Wine Tasting in Westlands Club on Friday 22nd June 2018; just a few tickets left, for more details please phone 01724 720346.

The Village Fete on Saturday 23rd June 2018 will start with the Teddy Bears’ Picnic at 12.30pm followed later in the afternoon by performances from, of course, the School Choir and the Free Spirit Dancers! Lots to do and yummy things to eat at the Burton in Bloom refreshment gazebo.

Open Gardens on Sunday from 11am to 5pm, maps £3.50 per adult (children free) available at the corner of High Street/Norfolk Ave. The school are hosting the refreshments, available from 11am to 4pm on Sunday; please stop off for a cup of tea and a cake as you make your way around the village to the gardens.

Other events to look out for as part of the weekend - Art Exhibition in the Church both days.

Sunday morning, why not wait along the main road through the village from about 9.15am to cheer on the Curly’s Athletes on their 10K run from Normanby Hall?

North Lincs Council Formal Consultation Information regarding Yellow Lines

North Lincs Council Informal Consultation Information regarding Yellow Lines

  Burton upon Stather

Playing Fields Association

Registered Charity Number: 503110




The PFA is one of the many groups that are active in the community. We are all volunteers with an interest in providing and maintaining facilities for the village and wider community. Both the playing fields and pavilion are a hub of activity. There are currently 4 junior football teams and a senior team playing regularly who all use the changing room facilities and also a number of clubs that take place during the week in the pavilion. In addition, it’s also hired for meetings and celebration events, such as children’s parties and fundraising activities.


This year’s AGM will be coming up in April (date to be confirmed). The current Treasurer and Lottery Promoter and Secretary have made it known that they will not be standing again next year. Therefore as well as looking for new members willing to join the committee next year, we are also looking for members who could bring their skills to these roles.


You will be aware that the Ward Councillors have secured £500K to improve sports facilities and we are currently working alongside the Parish Council deciding how this will be spent on providing more facilities and improvements at the playing fields. We need new members to come along to the AGM and join the committee in April to take forward the plans that have already been agreed and others that are still under discussion. This is a project that needs to progress otherwise some of the money may be lost.


The PFA needs a certain number of members to effectively run the facilities and manage the income and expenditure. As with most committees the PFA is reliant on the goodwill of local parents/grandparents/carers to get involved and help with the general day to day running of the pavilion. If you are interested in what the PFA does and want to know how you could get involved, please get in touch with any member of the committee, details are available on the notice board outside, or email your details to the Secretary, You can also make your interest known via our Facebook page.


Please help keep this committee running so that the facilities currently enjoyed by the children and adults of the community, continue to be available!

Christmas Fayre

Christmas Fayre 1

Message from the Playing Field Association


'We would like you to know that refurbishment of the play area is due to commence this month.  Some preliminary work will start on the gates and fencing around the play area during week commencing 12 September.  The play area will be closed for approximately 4 weeks from 26 September, so that the refurbishment can be completed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while the work is carried out.  We will let you know when it re-opens.'

Lincolnshire Lakes 3D Model

Lincolnshire Lakes is one of the North of England's most significant and exciting mixed use investment and development opportunities.

Message from the Playing Fields Association - June 2016


'The Playing Field Association are pleased to confirm we have been successful in raising funds for the refurbishment of the play area.  Funding has been obtained through WREN FCC Community Action Fund, North Lincs Council Community Grant Fund, our own Parish Council and the Burton Stather Lottery Fund.  
The following comment has been made by Penny Beaumont, WREN's grant manager for Yorkshire & Humber. "We're delighted to be supporting the Burton upon Stather Children's Play Area Refurbishment project and pleased our funding will provide such a fantastic facility for children and young families in Burton upon Stather and the surrounding village."
It is anticipated work will start early September and take 4 weeks to complete. We will keep you informed of developments".

Come along and see our pupils' work

Come along and see our pupils' work 1

Burton Community Conversation Report by The North Lincs Regeneration Team

Message from the Playing Fields Association


Thank you to those who have already given us their support for the proposed play area refurbishment, however, we still need more emails/letters of support for our grant applications.  The suggested plan is now available to view on the school website (under community)/Facebook and PFA Facebook pages.  It will also be displayed in the pavilion on Saturday morning between 9.30 and 12 (during football), and with petition sheets available, if you would prefer to show your support in this way. Many thanks.  

Proposed Plan for Burton Playing Fields

Proposed Plan for Burton Playing Fields 1

Burton Playing Fields Association


We are hoping to refurbish the Burton Park play area with the emphasis on the 0-11 age range.  I’m sure you will agree it is looking very tired and there is a lack of up to date play equipment that meets the needs of the children. To help with this project, we would like to know your views on the park now and how you would like the area to be developed, ie what sort of play equipment you would like to see.  We also need letters of support from the community to send in with any grant application.

Please help us by giving us your support.  You can email or write to the PFA c/o 17 Darby Road, Burton.  There will also be a suggestion box in the entrance to the school where you can leave suggestions and/or your letters for collection by the PFA.   There will also be a petition sheet for signing if you would prefer to support us in this way.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Our School Council are delighted to announce that they have raised just over £372 for the Burton Heritage Group which will go towards the upkeep of the War Memorial Stone in the village. Many thanks to everyone for their fantastic support!